Is Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Dating?

are emma stone and andrew garfield dating

Is Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Dating?

“Are Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield dating?” This was the question my husband asked me the other day as he and I were reading something in a magazine about their relationship. He said that it sounded pretty interesting. I then shared with him that I had read a few articles about them on the internet. He said that they are the couple who famously dated David Copperfield years ago. I then told him that I remembered reading those articles and really liked their descriptions of how they met, how they dated, and what their future plans were.

My husband said that the two of them are great examples of how to be a good partner in real life. He also said that he hoped their relationship worked out because he felt that if it didn’t, he would have been so embarrassed. I was so glad to hear him say that.

So, is Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield dating? It doesn’t look like it. But, who is Sharapova anyway? She is an entrepreneur who made quite an impact in the world of sports when she played tennis.

She currently plays tennis and is an assistant to tennis legend Andre Agassi. She has also dabbled in modeling, writing, and even dancing. However, in her eyes, she would never try to be a professional golfer. “I’m too short. I’d never make it in the game.”

That’s why my husband was so excited when he read those articles. He thought that it was a sign that they were going out again, but they have yet to actually meet. They are scheduled to do so in the near future. When I saw them in the New York Times, though, I wondered if they were dating the same person. I watched their interview together and they looked very familiar.

They do look a lot alike. I wonder how many people do research as well as their photo on the Internet before meeting them in person? I bet quite a few. We will just have to wait and see. In the mean time, I’m very happy for the two ladies.

Are Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield signs of a relationship? Well, maybe not in the conventional sense. But it is still very early days, which can mean that we don’t know a whole lot yet. I can only imagine that they are really looking for each other, though.

I suppose that this could be exciting for either or both of them. For Emma, it would be a new beginning. For Andrew, it would mean getting to re-ignite the romance in their relationship. It has been awhile since they have been seen together, so it would be a chance for them to meet once again.

What do you think about the question are Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield dating? Does it intrigue you? Would you like to read more about their relationship? How would you feel if you just found out that your favorite actress is an ex-stripper?