Who Is Calvin Harris Dating?

There are many questions people ask when they find out they’re dating someone famous. Who is Calvin Harris dates? Are you dating, who you think you are dating? Here’s some information to help answer those questions and more.

whos dating who

If you’re wondering who Calvin Harris is dating, you’re not alone. Calvin Harris was in the news a couple of years ago for dating Kelly Brook. So many people wanted to know if he was dating who he thought he was dating! What’s the deal? Here’s a little bit of background on this unknown celebrity who is now hitting the town with a great new song “Where Are You Now”.

The answer to the question of who is Calvin Harris dating will probably remain somewhat unclear for some time. He hasn’t officially announced anything yet, but it is possible that he has been recently dating singer/songwriter Lauren Bennett. In other words, it could be a long term relationship that he just doesn’t want to tell us about yet.

Calvin Harris has actually was dating Lauren Bennett for quite some time now. They met when he came to visit her in the UK for a few days where she lived, and they both ended up staying.

Who is Calvin Harris dates? While I haven’t been able to find any information regarding this information, he did come out and say in an interview that he has a girlfriend in the UK. He also says that it’s not romantic.

Another thing to note about Calvin Harris is that he and Katy Perry are no longer an item, which will come as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention. However, there has been no public statement from her or his camp as to whether the two are still friends. So, the question of who is Calvin Harris dating? I have no idea. If you’ve been wondering about this, this is all you really need to know to make your life more enjoyable.

Who’s dating who is actually fairly simple to answer. You can expect to hear a lot more from the man who has become one of the most popular people in the music industry and is currently on the heels of his very own music hit “Where Are You Now.” If he does end up getting engaged in the near future, you’ll probably get to see a bit of an engagement announcement.