Who is Benedict Cumberbatch Dates?

For many years the internet has been filled with rumours and speculation over who is Benedict Cumberbatch dating. Some people believe that he is dating an actress called Suzanne Shaw, but she claims that she isn’t interested in him. She says that there is a rumor going around which claims that she once dated the young man from the hit TV show Sherlock.

who is benedict Cumberbatch dating

Where does this rumour come from? Is it true that he is dating an actress called Suzanne Shaw? Well, it seems that she is dating a whole new cast of characters but I think you will find that the answer to the question “who is Benedict Cumberbatch dating” is actually quite simple.

Well, Benedict Cumberbatch is not dating anyone at the moment. He may have been the boy that survived the Murder Mystery Game in the past, but he is in no way in a relationship.

One of the theories is that the two of them were guests at the filming of Sherlock in Canary Wharf. After watching the scenes together they met for a coffee in a cafe in London and the two of them started a relationship. We do know that they were spotted out together quite a few times and that has been talked about in many interviews.

But since the Sherlock series is going on hiatus for the future of Benedict Cumberbatch is very much up in the air. We know that the writers for the show are developing new storylines and the actors themselves have not been tied down to one show for too long.

And with fans being worried over what may happen with Miss Julia – who is also part of the Sherlock crew. They have also been worrying about the fate of Sebastian Moran, played by Martin Freeman, because his character has not been seen since the first series of Sherlock.

So how can we expect to see these characters again? We might get a glimpse of them in the next series of Sherlock which is set to be shown in 2020 but the future of Cumberbatch will be up in the air until then.

So there you have it, we know that Benedict Cumberbatch is dating another actor now, so I don’t think he is actually dating the famous actress Suzanne Shaw, but hopefully we will see them on screen again in the future. Also, I bet there will be some great new characters to watch out for and this article should help you remember them.