Who’s Dating Who? Movie Review

Who’s Dating Who? is a movie that has made its rounds on the internet and at the box office. This movie tells the story of one man who experiences a very difficult breakup with his ex-girlfriend. It also tells about a life changing experience that the man is still living in spite of the breakup.

whos dating who

The movie was based on the life of James, an ex-girlfriend who is an artist. After her break up, she now has two men, one is Calvin Harris and the other is a guy who she dated for only a month. While on her road to getting over James, she also meets another guy who is a professional writer. The movie ends as the three women begin to understand how they feel for each other.

In the movie, her/he relationship with James is portrayed in the most sympathetic way. The point of view character in the movie is completely relatable to those who have had a similar situation with a much more emotionally stable person. The story is made that both parties had all the intentions of seeing the other again and this is the reason why the breakup has been initiated.

Who’s Dating Who is just like having a discussion on whether we are single or not. At the end of the movie, I felt that I was single after watching the movie. It was easy to relate to the character of James as he was more or less the same to me as the audience.

The funniest part of the movie is the scene where Calvin Harris, the singer sings to his girl and James starts singing too. The scenes are very hilarious and this was a plus point for me.

The movie is a good movie because it has shown that life can be as strong as the human mind. The movie showed me that both parties have started over from scratch and they even considered joining different races to pursue their goals. It also shows that not everyone is out to destroy their ex-lovers lives.

The Who’s Dating Who is on the internet but it’s had such success at the box office. There are many discussions about the movie and it is best to watch it in order to get a better understanding of the same. Its a good movie.